Cut Out Center (COC) are closely work with photo studios, web & graphic design firms, photographers, printing press, advertising agencies, catalog companies, magazine agencies they need for their different types of photos like – clipping path, photo mask, deep etching, photo touch up, color adjustments, background removing, raster to vector conversion.

One of our creative services, Shadow Effect is the Process of Creating Effect for putting Shadow with Photoshop. The pictures which are utilized as a part of Different Background are looking aesthetic like buoy over the Background. As indicated by Main Object and Background are expected to Use Shadow for looking Original and Professional. Base on pictures use diverse sorts of Effect roar for conforming to foundation. A few pictures need to make genuine shadow from unique shade. The pictures which have no shadow in the first that need to make shadow roar the first Object.

Based on the image categories image shadows may be divided into some specific classes like the following.

Natural shadow

Product shadow

Reflection shadow etc.

Photoshop drop shadow

Product/ Natural Shadow


During photography in some product photo the background surface do not reflect in bottom area. Normally we use product/natural shadow for this type of object. The quality and beauty of the product or object is increased and the as a result the customers and users are attracted.

Who need Shadow Creating Service?

In the Shadow / Mirror Effect Service, the reflected shadow produces the same sensation as a single mirror. Otherwise the glass produces the same. Mirroring is a graphical result that gives the illusion of shadow or false shadow of illumination and gives a three-dimensional effect to the body.

Reflections are same as the new shadows. Reflection of shadows give beautiful images and attract the usual attention. The reflection of shadow can improve any image prepared for the ad or the presentation.

The shadow image of a complex image makes it deeper and even more beautiful. The shading of our unusual photos covers shade, natural shade and meditation shadows. The shadow image begins with a dimension of the flat image that makes it vivid, electrified and sound.

In the world of online media, online marketing, advertising means, product photography, promotion and any other visual aspect - the image obscures how the design of image editing principles. It creates shadows not only on images but also text can enjoy the feelings of shade.

Why choose us?

Today's market, people are asking to see the shadow images on their magazines, catalogs, websites, books, especially the everyday products. Cut Out Center (COC) always ready to meet your request with the motivation and the best possible effort. Get Shadow / Mirror Effect Service for the shadow creation service you can order today. For the finest quality service we believe we are able to meet your expectations.

Sometimes in many product photography natural shadow of product is created by using studio lighting, perspective etc. if the client demands, we remove the by keeping the natural shadow unchanged and then we make soft shadow by using different Photoshop techniques. We do it easily and at a very competitive price. We normally do this work at objects like furniture items, clothing, shoe, electronics item, plate, bowl, bottle, etc. when we work on this type of object we give special attention on lighting re-arrangement. We can easily observe the product perspective, lighting, shadow, over exposed, under exposed, etc. on the screen. All these things help to create a beautiful shadow by rearrangement and adjustment. Not only here but they can be used further for various purposes such as e-commerce sites, websites, digital media, magazine, printing media, etc.


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