Clipping Path Service

Clipping path is a closed generated outline, unlike bitmap dots which are independent of resolution that is being used to conk out a two-dimensional object while working with image editing software. Generally, the interior of a path is explained by its route.

There are two kinds of paths. One is inclusive and the other is exclusive. An inclusive path is an inner part which will make sure the preservation. And an exclusive path consists of what will be visually available outside the path. There is another term called the compound path which is the combination of both inclusive and exclusive paths. Based on the procedures, complexity, target products, or photos, the common uses of clipping paths are to select an item.


Basic category clipping path service:

We usually apply the basic category to the round and small curved shaped products such as ball, mobile, plate, ring, egg, book, spoon, etc.


Simple category clipping path Service:

This category of the clipping path works to curved products with a hole such as a T-shirt, shoe, ring, watch, earring, chair, camera, etc. The number of curves and anchor points of the path are more than the basic clipping path.


Medium Clipping path Service:

This category includes some holes and designs. The number of anchor points is greater than the simple clipping path. Generally, it works for fewer corners and curves. These images may have a few embedded transparency (holes). The service performs on bracelets, group shoes, group watches, motor parts, group rings, double shoes, group foods, etc.


Complex Clipping path Service:

We mainly apply this category to product images that involve holes, curved areas, compound, complex shapes, designs, or group photos. These products are a complex combination of several shapes together with simple shapes that have many embedded transparency.

The service is to work on various products such as chain, group people, furniture, group bracelets, furry doll, jewelry, net, group image, cycle, etc.

Multiple Clipping Service:

In this category, the client can change individual components of an image with color level, multiple fillings, transform into any form in terms of opacity change, change in size, rotation, and more. In addition, photo enhancement needs various filters and effects. Product images require GIF & Flash composite animation, fashion catalogs, e-commerce websites, fashion design, Web template design, etc. 


Super Complex Clipping Path Service from COC :

We apply this service in a wide range of products with double holes, complexity, vertical and horizontal zigzag design. For example- fence, dolls, flying hair involves group or single decorative chain, group shot hair path, bracelet, furry doll, the gate of buildings, trees, etc.

Clipping path service providers reside mainly in developing nations as they can provide the service in relatively low cost for the more developed nations.

Our Visions ;

Our clipping path services ensure a global standard output with highly skilled force at minimum cost. This will help you to increase your sales and save big!

We use the clipping path service widely to extract elements or people from still images or other photo manipulation related works. These services are usually provided by web designers, advertising agencies, printing agencies.

We ensure both quality and quick turnaround with the complete privacy of your intellectual property. If you have anything more to know please feel free to contact with us by Email: we’re available for you 24/7